Our programs

Smart teaching of Mandarin with oriental culture enables successful learning and wellness benefit for brain health.

Reform of language training with advanced technology and neuroscience.

Our programs include MandarinCube汉字魔方 for wellness and Mandarin Business Airline (MBA)®商务中文.

Smart MandarinCube works for those who would like to pick up a specific popular second language for brain exercise and social benefit etc. It is suitable for all levels and ages of Mandarin learners.  The unique design of teaching will improve memory and analysis level. Meditation techniques are integrated with color therapy for a better turn out of the brain-yoga. Calligraphic exercise will help hand-brain coordination and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome from computer work. 500 commonly used characters will enable public talks and reading an easy going.

Mandarin Business Airline (MBA)® assists people going to China for business work. A short term real time training with the length of a flight to China, one way 12 hours or two way 24 hours will make the learner get around in China easier and more efficient. Updated medias with the instructors being insiders from Chinese business and industry make the program different from any other ones.

Our concepttaichicode

Chinese is made up of character “bricks”. Like the Great Wall, a miracle was built up with simple bricks. It is more easy and fun to learn Chinese with MandarinCube, those magic bricks like in the LEGO game, It is a typical Chinese way to study Mandarin, which is not that difficult to learn at all.

However, most non-native speakers pick up Mandarin like the same as a phonetic language. Actually, the learning of Mandarin in authentic way will combine reading, writing, listening and speaking altogether.

Chinese characters have been developed with specific meanings and rules, which are very logical and easy for memory. You will figure out the inner links between characters and use them to form phrases quickly.

With over 200 basic characters, you can explore over 20,000 commonly used Mandarin phrases and sentences. Like snowball effect, the more you learn, the faster to build up your own vocabulary and confidence.

MandarinCube is inspired by the historical Chinese culture and recent linguistic and medical research by Prof.Chen from Oriental Chinese Language Institute. You could learn 3,500 characters through the program as the average native Mandarin speakers demand for their everyday life.

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